Yes, I still love photography!


What’s up?? It’s been 6 months since i was last active on my website. I just started university in September, and I have been SO busy ever since. But hey, photography is still my passion!

Here’s a photo i took 2 months ago at the Eaton Center in downtown Toronto!

And another one, featuring my favourite singer: Shawn Mendes! I went to his concert last month, it was incredible!

2 weeks prior to this concert, I went to the Jonas Brothers concert!

Yes I do love concerts!

I went to the CNE this year! Twice, actually! I didn’t do any rides any of those times, but it was still a fun tradition!

Um, a No Name brand taxi? Since when did no name make cars??

Oh…. my…… goodness! This sunset at Wonderland!! So aesthetic!

So yes, I’m still into photography!