Why I haven’t posted in 2 months…

(This post will have no photos)


A lot of you might be wondering something… why I haven’t been posting for 2 months! Well, this post will explain it all!

First of all, I just started my 1st year of college on September 5th, and I have been busy with classes, homework, travel to and from school by transit, etc.

But let me tell you something about college, I attend a college in Ontario and as of October 16th, all 24 of Ontario’s colleges went on strike. I haven’t attend classes since October 13th, and I go to school Monday-Friday.

Second of all, I have been busy with non-photography related stuff.

There’s no third reason, for now.

And yes, I did explore Toronto during the strike! Photos will be posted possibly tomorrow (November 13th) because it’s 10pm and my fingers hurt from typing. Still not used to typing on a MacBook lol.