Welcome to my website! This domain was a Christmas gift by my dad and I am so excited to have my very own website! For my first post, I will tell you about myself and what this site will have. 

About me

I am a teen girl with a passion for photography. Everywhere I go I have to take a photo or two. Or eight. I love taking photos of places, roads, decorations, etc. I like going to special events in my city that I can take photos of. It would be cool if I traveled around the world for my future photography career. When I go to college I would like to study photography, graphic design, visual arts or anything to do with tourism. I love art! I have always been an art person. 

What will this site be about?

Photography! When I take lots of photos of things that I have to post, I will post them on here, my facebook page and my Instagram account! The best places for me to take photos are at parks, downtown Toronto, Niagara Falls, and anywhere that is having a special event such as Christmas decorations. Once in a while I will bring my camera out with me and start a photography session or photo shoot. 

Hope you enjoy my new site and thanks to my dad for setting this domain up!