Ok, I know i’m not active!

So, we are all living through a very hard time right now. Your all probably familiar with what’s happening around the world right now: the coronavirus pandemic. Here in Canada, we’re getting lots and lots of cases everyday. By the numbers, we’re getting 300-500 in my province; Ontario, everyday.

Anyway, I hope to put up a new post with photos! I have just recently got into a new hobby: painting! I may have spent too much money on painting supplies. Lol.

And here’s a painting I just did a few days ago!

Since I am a beginner, I am getting my ideas from Google images. But of course, you can make your own ideas. Just be creative!

Oh, and did I mention? I got a new phone: iPhone 11! I am typing on this phone right now.

I will be going back to college in September and I will be studying tourism. Hopefully when I travel I will take lots of photos and post them on my site!