Throwback Thursday: Niagara Falls December 10-11 2016


These photos were taken 2 months ago, way before I had my site. Today (February 23) I decided to post them. Niagara Falls is my favourite place to visit in Canada. The following photos were all taken on my iPhone 6. I left my canon camera at home, oops and I didn’t bring my iPad outside. 

At night, the Falls change colours and it is cool! The blue represents the American side and the red represents the canadian side. I was on the Canadian side for the entire trip. 

The SkyWheel, the Ferris wheel of Niagara Falls. On the left you will see Strike! Rock N Bowl, a bowling alley and restaurant. This is a very popular attraction because you can see the falls from up high. And it makes photo taking fun!

A snowflake decoration inside Boston Pizza. 

Clifton Hill, which is Niagara Fall’s downtown. I love this area

Close up of the skywheel. 

Courtyard by Marriott hotel, the hotel I stayed at during my trip. 

Christmas lights decoration just a few metres from my hotel. 

A Christmas tree and wreath inside my hotel’s lobby

Tim Hortons, a Canadian coffee shop company (Headquarters is in Oakville, Ontario). I usually get iced capps when I go to this location but the days I went were cold and chilly so I got a hot chocolate to warm me up. 

SkyWheel at night. 

Trees at Queen Victoria Park. Also known as the Winter Festival of Lights. 

The Christmas tree lighting. Right near the falls!

That’s all the photos I took for my site. I took lots more but these were the best quality. 

I will have lots of new photos soon!

~ Brittany