Throwback: Ottawa/Gatineau Trip 2014


Today I decided to show some photos I took almost 3 years ago from a trip I went to with my school. It was to Ottawa, the capital of Canada (in the province of Ontario) and Gatineau, Quebec, which is very close to Ottawa. The trip was from May 27-30 2014 and it took 5 hours to get to Ottawa from my school, which is near Toronto. We took 2 washroom breaks and 1 lunch break so all together was around 7 hours.  I didn’t take too many photos of the trip. All of these photos were taken on my iPhone 5.

Here are the photos! (Funny thing is I was thinking about doing this while in school today)

This sign was taken on the 416 highway. About 40 minutes north of the 401.

On the second day of the trip, a lot of the students stopped at a coffee shop called Bridgehead. It’s like a Starbucks but I think it’s only in Ottawa. It’s also expensive just like most coffee shops. The drink I ordered was a large hot chocolate and I think it was around $4. It tasted like a Starbucks hot chocolate.

This was taken from the top of a building (can’t remember the name) and what you see is downtown Gatineau. We went there on the 3rd day of the trip.

Forgot the name of this building.

Pretty purple flowers!

The Rideau canal. It turns into a big skating rink in the winter. It is a popular known location in Ottawa

A part of the parliament building

Beautiful green nature.


That’s the parliament building!

Pretty red flowers!

A water fountain. No, you can’t drink from it. Just for display, and photography!

This water fountain was near a museum in Gatineau.

Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, Quebec

Another photo of the museum. I went inside as part of the trip and saw lots of cool things. Sorry, no photos were taken. We even saw a movie inside I think it was on pandas.

Other things we did was Gatineau park (no photos taken for that attraction) went inside the parliament building, went inside the Rideau centre mall and lots more! We stayed inside a university dorm!!

Ottawa is amazing, and I suggest you go there if you like photography and tourism!