Signs your obsessed with photography!

Photography is my passion, and I’m always trying to take some amazing photos. 

Here’s an original post by me of things you might be obsessed with photography!

  1. You have a facebook and/or Instagram page for photography
  2. You have to take a photo of something everywhere you go. 
  3. You have to take photos of the beautiful Christmas decorations at the mall or outside. 
  4. You have or want a canon camera. 
  5. You want to take a photo of a specific thing (like a Christmas decoration) at least 50 times to get the perfect focus. 
  6. You take a lot of close ups. 
  7. You go to a event with lots of photography (such as a tree lighting ceremony) and you take 100 photos and only 3 of the photos are the best ones
  8. Your starter camera is your phone. That’s how I got obsessed. 
  9. When you go somewhere you’ve never been, you have to take lots of photos.
  10. You follow a lot of facebook, Instagram, pinterest and tumblr accounts about photography.
  11. You have to make sure your photo isn’t blurry or has people in it. 

That’s all I can think about for now. Any other suggestions for a possible part 2? Let me know in the comments!