Line 1 Extension Grand Opening – December 17th 2017!


On Sunday, December 17th 2017, I went to the TTC’s Line 1 extension grand opening! It has 6 new stations: Downsview Park, Finch West, York University, Pioneer Village, Highway 407 and Vaughan Metropolitan Centre! I went to all 6 stations!

I first took the train from Spadina station all the way to VMC station. It was a 40 minute ride.

I started going to VMC and made my way to Downsview.

I only took 2 photos of this station. I would rate this station an 8/10! It’s 1/2 of the stations in Vaughan, and also the terminal station. I got some freebies at this station. This station is located on Highway 7 west of Millway avenue.

Next, I took the subway down to 407 station!

Ok, this has to be the coolest artwork I’ve seen on a station!

407 is 2/2 of the stations in Vaughan. Fun fact: I thought this station was in Toronto but I saw the street signs outside and I was like “ok, this has to be in Vaughan” lol! Highway 407 station is not located on the highway, but it’s near the highway! 407 stations is located on Jane street just south of the 407. I would rate 407 9/10!

Next, I hopped on ANOTHER subway to go to Pioneer Village!

Another cool looking station!

In case you didn’t know, the walls in the subway floor are all the same!

All 6 of the new stations have the new TV’s with a new look for the next 3 train times and alerts! And it also says the station name! I think all the other stations should have this!

There are 2 entrances in this station: located on 2800 Steeles avenue west and 185 Northwest Gate.

Pioneer Village gets a 9/10 for its outdoor looks.

Hmm, what could this photo be? Yes, you guessed it! Next station I went to is York University!

York University station is a station located right at the university! I bet this station will mostly have students getting on and off this station. I would give this station a 7/10.

Again, I hopped on another subway. This time I went to Finch West.

I only took 2 photos of the station, but OMG, this station looks amazing! 9.5/10, this is my favourite station on the extension! This station is located on Keele street, north of Finch avenue!

The last station I went to was Downsview Park station.

Again, I only took 2 photos. This station is located on Sheppard avenue just east of Keele. Just like the park name, this station is near the park! Not only this station is a TTC subway station, but soon Downsview will also be a GO station! This station gets a 6/10, it wasn’t that interesting to me.

I also picked up a transfer at all 6 stations!

And this is what the TTC subway map looks like on the Line 1 train!

Because of the line 1 opening, the ENTIRE TTC system (ALL buses, streetcars and subway routes) is free! I can’t count how many times I went in-and-out of every station for photography and the number of trains I took that day lol!

Ok, this post took 30 minutes to write, and I am getting tired, and this is the end of the post anyway!

~ Brittany

Oh, and Christmas is in ONE WEEK!!!!