Cherry Blossoms!!

If you live in Toronto or in the GTA, you probably heard of what usually goes on at Toronto’s own High Park around early May. It’s Cherry Blossom peak season, and these flowers are usually blooming for about a week.

I went on May 17th around noon and to a surprise, almost 100%, well let’s say 95% of these blossoms were still on the tree! The leaves were slowly falling.

If your willing on checking this next year, I would recommend taking the TTC subway to High Park or Keele station. What I heard is that they closed cars from entering the Park but when I went, cars were allowed to enter. Or you can park and try to find a parking spot around the area.

Okay, enough with the long text. Let’s show some photos!

This was the sign I saw when i entered High Park.

Ooh, pretty!

A word to describe each of these photos: pretty.

Did you think I took this with a professional camera? Think again, the answer is NO! Are you shocked? I used my iPhone 7+ on portrait mode to take these photos, which makes it look like you took it from a expensive Canon camera.

But that’s not all! There’s lots of trees with the cherry blossoms! If your going, you should be prepared to spend about 30 minute to an hour looking at this exhibit.

The day I went, it was somewhat busy, and it was about 15* outside.

Photographers, if you LOVE flowers, especially cherry blossoms, you probably will now want to make plans to come down to High Park next year. There’s lots and lots of flowers on the trees, they almost don’t look the same as you think!

This was my second time checking it out, my first time was May 2018. Peak season is usually anytime between May 1-15 but because if had rained in Toronto quite a lot this season, it started a bit late.