I’ve been busy, sorry (again) for not posting!

The Canadian International Auto show (CIAS) runs every year, usually in february, in the heart of downtown Toronto. I went this year and it was my second time going.

Who takes photos of car logos? Probably no one, from what i’ve seen. Especially when it’s Toyota.

Yes, I went inside an actual ferrari. From the inside, it looks like an older model, as i can tell by the radio and the wheel.

I didn’t actually new Impala’s were made in Canada!

Acura is a nice car brand, especially this SUV i went inside. This was probably the best luxury SUV me and my brother both liked.

You can take a shuttle bus from the north building to the south, but you could also walk through this walkway. This is what the north looks like.

It’s not everyday that you will see a lemon-lime green vehicle! Their kinda rare, in my opinion. But the colour and finish looks amazing.

That’s pretty much all I have for today. The show was cool, and i suggest you go check it out, if it comes back next year because now it’s over. Weekends can be busy because a lot of families come, and kids love to look at all kinds of cars, from Mazda to Lamborghini to Ford, there’s at least one car that will be eye-catching to everyone, by the looks, interior, exterior, trunk, etc.

(UPDATE: I realized some photos didn’t upload!)