About Brittany

I am a teen girl who loves photography, music, arts, graphic designing, drawing, reading and playing on my iPad.

Fun facts about me:

1) I always loved art. I wanted to be an artist when I grow up when I was about 7

2) I’m Canadian but I can do a British accent

3) My dad set up this site for me

4) I am a college student.

5) I have been into photography since I was 11.

6) I take too many photos on my phone.

7) I am fron Toronto Canada. (Not saying the actual city due to personal information)

8) I am in a bowling league and I bowl on Saturday mornings.

9) I’m obsessed with Minions. And Pokémon. And Pusheen.

10) My favourite bands are 5 Seconds of Summer, Twenty One Pilots, Maroon 5 and Why Don’t We.  My favourite singer is Shawn Mendes. I have a lot of favourite I can’t name them all!